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Carolyn Houghton

I admit it.  I am a spiritual child of Walter Mitty, James Thurber’s character who lived his real life in stories he made up while coping with his every day, humdrum life.

I loved to pretend.  I still do. Writing about time travel, being a musician, a goofy (but brilliant) member of the English elite is a wonderful way to spend my time. I hope you’ll also find a fine escape as well in the Fox Haven and Waterton series.

When I’m not wandering around in alternate universes, I’m the proud mother of Celia Ann.  She looks at the world in quite unusual ways.  My children’s book, Celia and The Land of Discouraging Words is the result of an evening’s conversation.  The town I lived in for many years provided love and support when one of my family members was seriously hurt.  I love Summer the Best is my love letter to the town that was more than willing to help.

Music provides the heartbeat in my life.  You’ll find lyrics in the back of the books that reflect Charlie’s love for Sami, and Mac’s worries about zombies. You just never know who will have a lyrical story to tell.

My writing partner and lifelong friend, Elyse Wheeler, has helped me to grow in many ways.  It’s so wonderful to think about the following questions: What am I seeing, tasting, smelling, touching and hearing. She reminds me that the world doesn’t always center around dialogue.  I’m grateful to have her constancy and brilliance in my life.

The Carrollton Writer’s Guild has provided wonderful support for my story telling and poetry.  I urge you to find a group that will help you to refine your stories. 

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