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Carolyn Houghton & Elyse Wheeler

What do we write?

An interesting question because every webpage or eBook set up asks for keywords.  That is, words that describe the type or genre of the novel. Head scratcher, that one. So here goes. We love fantasy of all type but Foxhaven Chronicles falls involves paranormal abilities of several types and includes time travel. It is an adventure, a kidnapping, a brush with demons, and a little bit of romance and a lot of love. It is set in the modern day, initially. So it might dip a toe in the pool of urban fantasy. And the characters accept the supernatural or paranormal as part of everyday life which borders on magical realism. 

Our challenge to you?  Read Raven's Eye and let us know what you think.

How we got started!

Elyse Wheeler and Carolyn Houghton have been friends since third grade. One day when we were out riding bicycles, we argued. we can’t remember what the argument was about. But we resolved to play chicken from the opposite ends of the block. As fate would have it, neither one of us chickened out, hitting head on, bicycle tire to bicycle tire. We quickly determined they had better be friends or they would kill each other.

We have seen each other through marriages, bearing children and several job changes. Finally, when my son, Colin, was off to college, and Carolyn's daughter had activities of her own, we turned our energies to writing. It has been a long road of learning, experimenting, editing…watching favorite scenes fall to the cutting room floor. Carolyn also pursues her poetry while I am branching off into middle school and YA fantasy.

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